Sorbic Acid


CAS number


Molecular formula


Molar mass

112.13 g mol−1

Melting point

135 C, 408 K, 275 F

Boiling point

228 C (dec)


2,4-Hexadienoic acid, 1,3-Pentadiene-1-carboxylic acid, Sorbinsaeure, Sorbistat

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Sorbic Acid in Detail:

A colorless natural organic compound, Sorbic acid is a leading preservative in the food industry since ages. It was discovered from unripe berries of a rowan tree, known as Sorbus Aucurparia from where the ingredient gets its name. It is specifically an antimicrobial agent which is weakly acidic and has neutral taste. 

These days, it is also made by synthesizing Ketene and Crotonaldehyde. The main function of Sorbic Acid is to act as a shield for many food items from yeast and mold spoilage and it also has little effect on bacteria as well. It helps in maintaining the freshness of variety of human foods, drugs as well as different cosmetic products. It is basically non toxic in nature but can be poisonous, if someone swallows it in huge quantity. There are various applications of Sorbic acid, so continue reading if you want to know more about it.

Added in wines:

The acid is used in different kinds of table wines as it helps in preventing the secondary fermentation of residual sugar. It acts as a protection cover against recontamination by the yeasts. Moreover, it removes oxygen from wine, which prevents the micro-organisms to reproduce again. Generally, potassium sorbate, one of the derivatives of Sorbic acid, is added into the wine because it is very stable in wine and does not combine with other elements losing its potency.

Added in Sea Food:

Sorbates can be used in number of ways to extend shelf life of fish. Potassium sorbate is used for both smoked and dried fish. It helps in obstructing development of the yeast or mold in finished products that are stored at room temperature for a long period of time. It can be incorporated with ice water while preserving the fish.

Sorbic acid in bakery products:

Sorbic Acid is probably one of the safest and effective preservatives used in diverse bakery products. It is used since it:
Minimizes yeast levels
Decreases the bread waste
Has an influential effect on dough which reduces mixing and proving time

Owing to its outperformed functions, Sorbic Acid is readily available in the market. 

Apart from this, Sorbic acid is also used in many non food applications as well. It is an effective and proven preservative for preserving consumer products from susceptible mold attack or fermentation. 

The acid is used in pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cleaning products, detergents and tobacco. It can also act as fungistat for prunes, pickles and is also used to extend the shelf life of prepared salads as well. In addition, being antimicrobial agent, it can be used as a coating material, food packaging and also used in many animal feed products.  

The use of Sorbic acid increases because it is:
Effective against yeast and molds
Risk-free to humans, animals and the environment
Easy and economical to use
It has high storage stability

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