Phosphoric Acid


CAS number


Molecular formula


Molar mass

98.00 g/mol

Melting point

42.35 C (anhydrous)
29.32 C (hemihydrate)

Boiling point

158 C (decomp)


Acido Ortofosforico, Acidic Phosphates, Acide Orthophosphorique, Orthophosphoric Acid

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Phosphoric acid in Detail:

Phosphoric acid, also recognized as Orthophosphoric Acid, is one of the vital oxygen acids of phosphorous. It is a colorless compound that acts as a crystalline solid between specific temperatures and is a syrupy liquid in the less rigorous form. While the crude acid is formed from phosphate rock, phosphorous is used to make superior quality acid. 

When kept at room temperature, pure Phosphoric Acid acts as odorless, colorless as well as non-toxic hygroscopic crystal.

Phosphoric Acid Used as Fertilizer:

Phosphoric acid serves as a major source of nutrient for plants. The significant functions performed by this chemical compound cannot be carried out by nutrient belonging to any other category, thus sufficient supply is crucial for effective growth and development of plants. Almost every farmer makes use of phosphoric acid-based fertilizers to enhance the growth of their crops. 

The extensive production of this chemical compound is utilized for manufacture of agricultural products. Fertilizers are generally a mixture of polyphosphate and orthophosphate, which are relatively less corrosive as compared to pure orthophosphate and are convenient to store at sub-freezing temperatures.

Phosphoric Acid Used as Food Additive:

Apart from being used as a fertilizer, Phosphoric Acid is employed in the food industry as well. When used in this domain, Phosphoric Acid is produced by adapting more costly thermal process. Whether it is a soft drink bottle or any other fizzy drink, a compound named E338 can easily be found in the ingredient list. 

Basically, it is an additive that is used to add a bit tangy and sour taste to varied foods as well as drinks. The extended list of food products containing Phosphoric Acid includes beer, carbonated beverages, processed meat and chocolate.

Other Significant Applicants of Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid is used in a variety of other applications, such as:

Rust Removal

Phosphoric Acid can be easily and straightforwardly applied on the rusted steel or iron. After coming in contact with rust, Phosphoric Acid converts it into ferric phosphate, eventually removing it from the metals. Multiple applications might be required for this process.

Protection against Rust

Not only can Phosphoric Acid remove rust, it can provide protection against the same through its phosphate conversion layer. The anti-rust attributes depend on a thin layer along with an adulterate solution of Phosphoric Acid. Once the solution comes in contact with the surface, the layer forms a thin coating of insoluble crystals, insusceptible to rust attacks.


Phosphoric Acid is used as an etching solution by the dentists. The chemical compound is used to scrape the smooth surface of the teeth in order to proffer a grip for dental fillings as well as appliances. Owing to the similar reason, Phosphoric Acid can also be used as teeth whitener and plaque remover.

Cleaning products:

Phosphoric Acid possesses the property of being a strong cleaning agent and it is due to the same that the chemical is used to clean cement stains and mineral deposits. It is also used as a dispersing agent in diverse household cleaning products.

Anti-nausea Medication:

Phosphoric Acid serves as a common element in a large number of anti-nausea medications.

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