CAS number


Molecular formula


Molar mass

87.1 g/mol

Melting point

-5 °C, 268 K, 23 °F

Boiling point

129 °C, 402 K, 264 °F


Diethylenimide Oxide, 1,4-oxazinane,

Morpholine Overview:

Morpholine is a colorless, mobile as well as hygroscopic chemical compound that has amine-like odor. It forms a homogenous mixture with water, along with many other organic solvents. Besides, Morpholine also acts as a solvent for diverse organic materials, such as dyes, resins, waxes and casein. Morpholine is an enormously flexible chemical, having a large number of crucial applications, including:


Morpholine has been used as a catalyst to ensure condensation of ketones and aldehydes, which possess active methyl groups. Limited quantities of Morpholine are used for polymerization of monomers. Additionally, Morpholine also serves as temperature sensitive polymerization inhibitor. Small amount of the chemical compound allows full impregnation of permeable materials higher than their melting points. Morpholine also acts as a gelling agent for the preparation of alumina catalysts, as well as for treating hydrocarbons.

The chief use of Morpholine is as an additive for the steam systems of giant refineries as well as power plants. It is usually introduced in PPM (Parts per Million) concentrations so as to adjust the level of pH in water that is present in the steam systems. The reason why this chemical compound is used as an additive is because of its volatility same as water and also since it behaves precisely similar to water. Having similar volatility, it can effectively break up evenly in water as well as steam phases, eventually preventing corrosion in the steam systems, thereby maintaining the pH level.


Morpholine is utilized as an emulsifier in order to wax fruits. Naturally, majority fruits have a layer of protective coating, but this layer gets cleaned up when the fruits undergo packing process. Morpholine is introduced as wax like material, referred to as Morpholine Oleate as it can successfully dissolve and can be effectively applied as a water-based liquid on the fruits. As the upper layer on of the fruits becomes dry, only trace levels of Morpholine are left behind. When used as an emulsifier for waxing fruits, Morpholine can help them remain fresh and last longer. Additionally, Morpholine also acts as a protective layer to protect the fruits from pests as well as diseases, which can contaminate them.

Corrosion Inhibitors:

Morpholine is frequently used in the form of neutralizing amine to combat carbonic acid corrosion in steam boiler systems. The chemical compound volatilizes with the steam coming from the boilers and performs condensation, eventually providing protection to the boiler’s lines, which are otherwise susceptible to corrosion because of the existence of carbonic acid. 

Additionally, the vapors of Morpholine offer protection against corrosion and prevent silver as well as other metals from getting discolored due to the acid fumes.

Separating Agents:

Owing to the chemical and physical properties of Morpholine, it can be used in diverse purification processes. Significant dissimilarities in the solubility of Morpholine’s methyl amines have resulted into a suitable extractive technique for the separation of these amines. Besides, Morpholine is also utilized for purification of acetylene as well as some olefins. 

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