Hydrazine Hydrate


CAS number


Molecular formula


Molar mass


Melting point

-51.5 ºC

Boiling point

120.1 ºC


Hydrazine Monohydrate, Diamide Hydrate, Aqueous Hydrazine, Hydrazine Hydroxide, Hydrazinium Hydroxide

Hydrazine Hydrate Structure and Reactions:

A colorless fuming liquid, Hydrazine hydrate is an inorganic compound which has ammonia like odor. This chemical compound should be handled with care as it is highly toxic and unstable in nature. Used in different chemical industrial processes, it is manufactured in tons every year. Generally, it is produced by three techniques, namely the raschig process, the ketazine process and the peroxide process. Read below for more information on hydrazine hydrate manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and exporters.

Hydrazine hydrate is dibasic, formed by various salts like mono- and di- hydrochlorides, mono- and di- nitrates, which are classified as perilous wastes by EPA. Due to this, both its storage and disposal is a difficult task. Biodegradation is one of the acceptable treatments to handle the waste of Hydrazine hydrate in the best possible ways.

Hydrazine Hydrate Industrial Applications:

We are ISO 9001 certified Supplier of Hydrazine Hydrate. Hydrazine hydrate is commonly used for commercial purposes which includes production of spandex fibers or solder fluxes. Apart from this, there are many other uses of this acid, including the following:

• It acts as a forming agent which helps in preparing polymer and also operates as a precursor to polymerization catalysts.

• Used in rocket fuels as it is low power monopropellant for maneuvering thrusters of spacecraft. Moreover, it is used to power the space shuttle’s power unit. It helps in preparing the gas predecessors which are used in air bags.

• Being an Italian catalyst, it is used as fuel cells. This acts as one of its major benefits because it can produce millions of hydrogen cells without the need to use pricey platinum catalysts.

• Hydrazine hydrate can also be used as gun propellant.

Besides these uses, it is also utilized by photographic developers and heat stabilizers. Furthermore, the chemical is also used in semiconductor deposition technique for manufacturing thin film of transistors used in LCD. In addition, it is used in production of Astrolite which is required in emergency power unit of F-16 fighter planes. For hydrazine hydrate dealer and exporter, see below.

Hydrazine Hydrate Uses - Manufacturer, Supplier:

Hydrazine hydrate is a strong reducing agent used for variety of purposes. From raw material in medicines to coloring agents in dyes, it is used in miscellaneous industries. Moreover, it is also used as deoxidizer for large boilers in water and is also used in production of high purity metals, synthetic fibers as well as other atypical elements. Want to order hydrazine hydrate ? contact us.

If taken in right amount, it can be used as a medication for sickle cell disease and even for treatment of cancer.Despite of its uses, Hydrazine hydrate is a really dangerous compound and includes various problems, if taken in excess. High levels of Hydrazine hydrate includes irritation in eyes and throats, dizziness, headaches, nausea and its acute exposure can also damage liver, kidney and even central nervous system of human beings. 

Thus, it is suggested to work under proper supervision if you are handling Hydrazine hydrate and it is advisable to use it in low ppm range. Hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives play a crucial role in various applications which contribute to guarantee comfort, safety and healthcare in everyday life. We provide this chemical compound at rock bottom prices and in the shortest time interval.
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